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Your Non-Hype Wedding Photography Courses that Help You Shot Amazing Wedding Photos

Wedding Photography Courses DVDWhen I started looking for wedding photography courses, I thought Wedding Photography Blueprint was just like all the others.

Like others, they've got a great sales pitch but I wasn't looking for someone who could write a good sales pitch. I needed someone to guide me into becoming a wedding photographer ... and fast!

I'm the last person that you would have ever expected to find behind a camera, especially at a wedding! So when my sister was headed down that aisle and my parents insisted that I become a wedding photographer for the day, I had to get creative.

I didn't have the time or the money for traditional wedding photography courses, but I had to improve my skills.

The last thing I wanted was a lifetime of hearing about how I'd ruined her big day by not capturing the right millisecond on film, because, believe me, they would have never let me forget it!

However, I noticed that the course publisher, Nick Stubbs, is a professional photographer, a seasoned, full time professional with over 25 years experience using Medium format, SLR and DSLR to shoot weddings, portraits, stock and commercial work.

I think maybe his course can help me as I'm also using DSLR.

I send an email to Nick about why his wedding photography class is special.

And he replied me, "Many people are sometimes put off by what they read online or hear at their local camera club about shooting weddings.

What I'm trying to do is alleviate that fear and encourage all beginners by producing a highly detailed blueprint that will act as a complete foundation course upon which they can build their own style over time."

He explained how amateur wedding photographers can become digital photo experts in the video below...

Nevertheless, I hesitated over taking the plunge with his Wedding Photography Blueprint. After all, I wasn't just taking pictures! I needed to know all of the details: where to stand, what to photograph, how to work with different lighting, and, frankly, how to handle every whim of the bride on her wedding day. I also needed to work on my portrait taking skills for the family and wedding party pictures that seem to take hours to get right. Once I had the shots, I needed to be able to go back and edit and, with any luck, come up with a few truly spectacular photographs for the wedding album. That's a lot to expect from wedding photography courses!

As it turns out, Nick's course offers all of that and more. His wedding photography classes included things I hadn't even thought of. Who knew you had to take pictures of the bride before the wedding? Well, you do – and they offer a blueprint – literally – for covering every moment of the day. From the dressing room to the honeymoon, they told you how to map it all out. That really cut down on my worries of missing a moment they'd never get back.

As for credibility, Nick has got it all! The wedding photography courses are taught by himself, who has been doing this right for more than 25 years. He brings in a few of his colleagues to make sure he's got all of the bases covered. The wedding photography classes even feature interviews with real couples who are there to explain everything they want from their wedding photographers.

With the help of this wedding photography tutorial, I was able to take pictures of my sister's wedding like a pro.

In fact, I did such a great job that I'm getting more work! Becoming a wedding photographer was a great way for me to earn extra income, and it feels really good to be such an important part of the wedding day.

Wedding Photography Blueprint even included tips for marketing and promoting my work!

I also learned that I did not have to be perfect. With the great editing tips from the course, I've been able to rescue wayward shots and turn them into some really unique pictures. I'm making a name for myself just on those "mistakes" and it's paying off big!

Wedding Photography Courses EbookThe wedding photography courses are beautifully presented and organized into sections for the wedding, the reception, and planning phase. That makes it particularly easy to go back and review certain topics.

The name says it all: it's the perfect blueprint. It works for any wedding, any setting, and, frankly, anyone. The secret to wedding photography is all in the planning, and if you want to succeed as a wedding photographer, then Wedding Photography Blueprint should be your first step. I'm fortunate that I made it my own!

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